Advanced technique of semi-permanent brow art (hair stroke method) known as Micro-blading.





What is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique used to implant pigment under the epidermis using a specially designed hand piece and tiny blade to produce realistic looking thin hair strokes giving the effect of 3D hair. Using this method, you can achieve many different looks from a natural light finished effect to a thick bold brow. It is an ideal method for filling in missing brow hair.
No more over-plucked brows!
No more over-drawn brows!
No hassle of filling in the brow gaps every morning !
Dreams do come true  😉 

Microblading at EYESBROWS is currently £195 including your 4 week top up.
Microblading usually lasts up to 12-18 months, therefore ideally regular top-ups are advised once every year.

Advantages of the manual technique

  • This method gives a very natural look
  • The procedure is completed faster than with a machine
  • less pain for the client
  • Does not look like a tattoo as the hairs are drawn to appear natural
  • Natural gradual fade out


Reasons why clients choose to have Microblading

  • Clients who want to achieve a better shape and definition to their brows and to have perfectly shaped brows all the time
  • People who do not have steady hands
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • To enhance natural features
  • Clients who work out and want to keep their brows looking perfect
  • Alopecia
  • Vitiligo 
  • Baldness
  • Correction of scar tissue
  • Repair results of accidents


At EYESBROWS, consultations must be booked at least 24-48hrs prior to your appointment. On the day of your consultation we carry out a skin test. We also insure that whether this treatment is suitable for you.

On the day of your treatment

Colour matching and shaping will be done on the day of your treatment.screenshot_2016-10-11-20-27-55-1

No need to worry!  Brows are carefully and precisely measured before the procedure. The aim of this treatment is to achieve a natural looking result, therefore we usually follow your natural brow frame and according to your features. Of course we also use our professional ideas to give you the best shape possible however we make sure you are happy before the start.

Brow tint must be carried out at least 24-48hrs before your appointment if necessary. (skin patch test is required if you have not had a tint at EYESBROWS, previously.)

Our hygiene policy

We take our hygiene policy very seriously. All the disposable products are thrown away and a clean brand new one is used for each client.

  • Our beds are covered with paper couch rolls and they are changed after each client.
  • Our towels and bed covers are used once for each client and washed with special disinfecting washing products and 100 degrees C temp water.
  • All our blades are only used once for each client and disposed in the sharps box after the treatment.
  • The treatment is carried out wearing disposable gloves, masks and aprons.
  • All our tools are disinfected in between each treatment.
  • The treatment room is wiped down and cleaned using antibacterial wipes in between each treatment.

Booking options

  • Click here to book a consultation online now.
  • You can also call us on 01706629387

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